Why Banquette seating is so popular?

Why is every new design brief for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes that we regularly receive, based on using Banquette seating?

Because chairs need to slide in and out, and providing tables and chairs isn’t always the most efficient way to furnish a public eating area. If space is at a premium, consider Banquette seating.

Banquette seating occupies less than half the floor space table and chairs require, yet seats the same number of people.

Plus, Banquettes strike our fancy for the same reasons we choose a booth in a restaurant: privacy, intimacy, and camaraderie.

Besides the standard restaurant booth setup, Banquette options include U shapes, L shapes, semicircles, and hybrids combining bench seats and chairs. Although box seats work especially well in recessed areas, you can build a Banquette flush against a wall, too. A booth for four with fixed seating can fit into a 42×60-inch space.

For Banquettes, the standard height for the table is 30 inches and for the benches is 18 inches, leaving 12 inches from the top of the bench to the table surface. Let the table overlap the benches by 3 or 4 inches on each side. For more legroom, set the benches back a few inches and add a “heel kick” on the floor below the table overlap.

Allow a minimum of 21 inches of table and seating width per person. Also allow 18 inches of seating depth, not counting the back support.

For U-shape Banquettes, allow 54 inches for each leg of the U and 78 inches for the rear bench. U shapes need more generous dimensions to avoid knee-squeezing corners.

Avoid knocking knees by pairing a pedestal table with Banquette-style seating. This configuration makes getting in and out of the bench easier by leaving space open below, plus it makes room to pull up an extra chair or two.

New Banquette Seating from Penwith Upholstery can be designed, built and installed to perfectly transform and enhance your premises, and can cost as little as £60 per month for every 10 metres installed.

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