Trends in Restuarant Seating

How a seating arrangement is laid out not only dictates the atmosphere of an event or venue but also determines the style and sentiment of the host.

We say set your own trends in restaurant seating. Mix and match and make the space work for your particular event. Arranging your chairs around rectangular or round tables, in banquet formation or as a complete random effect makes for points of interest and a contemporary experience for guests.

Going off-piste and leading your own seating revolution is one thing, but be clever whilst creating anarchy. If you are experimenting with different heights make sure that tall seating is behind shorter traditional seating so as not to obstruct views.

The event will often dictate the seating, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with the space. Allow the eye to bounce around the room creating an inclusive experience yet with pockets of intimacy. In a wedding reception seating event, where not everyone needs to be seated at one, embrace the freedom of the medium and offer stand-up cocktail tables with bar stools for the evening. Choose chiavari chairs for the reception and an area for lounge seating when the dancing just gets too much.

One trend that is set to stay is that seating should be comfortable. So whether you are setting up a formal seating arrangement, with classic upholstered chairs, or a festival style rendez-vous with relaxed slipper chairs for easy buffet eating make sure that you opt for comfort as well as style.


Trends in seating