Restaurant Booths

What’s in a booth? If a restaurant is clever then it often creates links between its food style and its seating style. The undefinable yet winning atmosphere that results means a rave review – well from an interior design point of view at least!

From American diner style seating to wooden bench effects, restaurant booths create their own world apart. From a pool table side in a traditional local pub to slick leather in a Grease inspired diner, a restaurant booth lends itself to companionable seating.

Great in a recessed wall booth seating often opens up space options which can be tailored to offer contemporary comfort. For large spaces creating booths cleverly works in intimate and small spaces making vast areas feel cosy in part.

We’ve worked with a range of restaurants and restaurateurs who have done this really well. Some of our favourites include:

Veeraswamy, Regent Street, London
Mustard & Rye in Truro, Cornwall
Margaux, Old Brompton Rd, London
Sams Cornwall, Fowey, Cornwall

Mustard and Rye Truro