Interior Design Trends

Although we are passionate about pandering only to your own style and brand-look we are inspired by the trends for 2014. We’ve listed 8 of our favourite interior design trends for 2014 and we’d love your suggestions and predictions too.

1 – Be a chameleon
Adapting to the space rather than shoehorning something to fit. We like this trend. In fact we’d probably argue that it isn’t a trend but surely common sense prevailing in interior design.

2 – No more white out
Dark, glamorous and confident colours in seating, walls and general interiors make for a statement. This assertive approach to interior design is a refreshing outlook for 2014.

3 – Vintage curiosities
The vintage trend is not quite over as the endeavour to create spaces with interest and uniquely sourced ‘one of a kind’ pieces allow personality to shine through. Bespoke seating offers flexibility and saves on the jumble sale time.

4 – Blossoms and prints
Eye-catching, screen-printed and hand-painted prints make for fabulous focal points which are utterly bespoke. For cushions or even the whole hog upholstery the trend for beautifully patterned fabrics is on the up.

5 – Metallic
It’s not the ‘90s but it is on trend for 2014. Carefully incorporating metallic colours into your interior design means a decadent and visual treat for visitors.

6 – Naughty navy
It was big on the runways and it is seeping into the interior design conscious. Softer than black but no less professionally slick, working the colour into seating makes it a chic and on-trend neutral that will stand the test of time.

7 – Traditional values
A return to traditional, well-made products is a welcome trend in our book. Quality manufacture, attention to detail and a certain ‘solidness’ that comes with something that has not be mass-produced. Again this is a trend that will stand wear and tear.

8 – Modern monochrome
Not the brass bold monochrome of seasons past, this is a softer hued monochrome that blends as an interior style. Not a wall flower interior design trend but subtle enough not to be the defining dictator, this reworked trend makes it more accessible as a choice.

Green button banquette