Banquettes in Hotels

Built in banquette seating makes for a super space saving and stylish seating alternative. Mixed in with freestanding seating it offers variety and allows hotels to cater to a large amount of people, a wedding or conference for example.

Creating extra seating capacity is a good string to a hotel interior’s bow. The informal yet regimented banquette seating can be arranged to sit flush to a wall or freestanding around a pillar. Making the most of unconventional spaces is something that we can offer with our banquette seating.

Using pattern to create zones and deep buttoning to create texture all adds to the experience created inside a hotel space. Hotels can opt for neutral colours or make features out of the seating with bright colour or a variety in texture. Where space is an issue making banquette seating into storage containers allows hotels to stow away seasonal decorations meaning that the seating choice works twice as hard.

A standard depth in a long seat allows for lots of guests to sit all at once without infringing on the ‘white space’ and making a hotel room look cluttered. Completely contemporary and pushing the boundaries a hotel with a beach side focus might make outdoor banquette seating with a really deep seat – making the fence perimeter into a relaxation chill out zone.

Banquette seating in hotels is also a cost efficient way of creating a lot of seating in a bespoke style. High backs, no backs but with cushions and stow-away storage, this seating style offers a variety of options on an economical budget without lacking any sense of individuality or quality.

Seating at the Bedruthan Steps Hotel